ZZ Servers is pleased to announce the InterWorx development team has released  InterWorx version 4.0.  InterWorx 4.0 contains many new features and enhancements. We believe that you will be very pleased with the final product and that this release will maintain the same high standards of quality which you have become accustomed to from InterWorx.

InterWorx 4.0 is available now for all new installations. Existing InterWorx 3.0 installations should begin to be automatically updated within the next few weeks. It is recommended that ALL users upgrade their existing InterWorx installations when the update becomes available.

New Features & Improvements


    • New Features

        • API:

            • Hugely expanded capabilities of XMLRPC
            • SOAP support
            • Command Line Interface – interactive and programmatic
        • Email:

            • Domainkeys, SPF, and Remote MX support
            • Roundcube support added
        • Line by line validation of user input
        • New AJAX controls for all services in NodeWorx
        • SPEED! We’ve made huge steps forward in speeding things up across the board
        • Improved memory footprint
        • SiteWorx users can reset their own password if they forget
        • Multiple external MySQL servers can be maintained by NodeWorx, and assigned to SiteWorx users when the account is created (one per SiteWorx account)
        • Dedicated IPs are now dedicated to a SiteWorx account, not just a single domain, so accounts with SSL can have secondary domains.
        • Mass Transfer Importer now runs in the background, so if you leave, you can come back and it will still be running. Also runs several imports in parallel for faster importing.
        • Updated importers for migration from cPanel and Plesk
        • Integrated suPHP support
        • Ruby on Rails support via Passenger
        • New Settings page to control commonly accessed parts of the InterWorx configuration
        • View server logs in real time without the need for shell access
    • Security Improvements

        • Upgraded the internal version of PHP to 5.2.x
        • All input to the system is now handled through a single point, which allows us to validate input much more thoroughly
        • Implemented suPHP internally for improved security through privilege separation
  • Visual Enhancements

      • New theme system is much simpler to create your own theme

          • Custom branding fully supported
      • Built-in themes are now CSS only – no more tables
    • Memory graph is much clearer





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