Kerio Connect 7.1 Integrates with BlackBerry Enterprise Server providing over-the-air synchronization of Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.

Kerio Connector for BlackBerry syncs data between BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and Kerio Connect. IT administrators must install Kerio Connector for BlackBerry on the same server running BES or BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express. Customers get the full manageability of their smartphones directly from BES and users can use the native email, contact and calendar applications that ship with every BlackBerry phone.

Open communication standards embraced by Kerio Connect 7.1 provide new choices for customers preferring the popular iPhone 4. CardDAV and CalDAV synchronization protocols allow any user with an iPhone and iOS 4 to wirelessly synchronize contacts and calendar data between Kerio Connect and the iPhone.

Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync protocol has been supported in Kerio Connect for many years and now comes with a new tweak to address the rising demand for viewing public folders on mobile devices.

“A rapid shift in the adoption of shared and public folders made us look hard into improving the quality of experience for our most progressive mobile customers,” says Tomas Soukup, Product Development Manager for Kerio Connect. “We’ve built a brand new method for syncing shared and public folders with smartphones over the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, giving our customers a strong benefit they will not find elsewhere.”

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