The importance of vulnerability scanning

In a world where the threat of a data breach is constantly present, securing complicated information technology networks is critical to a business’ ability to meet industry data security requirements. Even if your company has tested your IT system’s security defenses in the past, maintaining this security is a continuous process. Each time your system …

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Security standards get tighter for smaller merchants

The credit card game is changing for small to medium sized businesses. Visa recently announced that it will require all Level 4 merchants in the U.S. and Canada to validate PCI DSS compliance annually starting January 31, 2017. Level 4 merchants are those businesses that process less than 20,000 Visa eCommerce transactions per year or that process …

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8 Reasons It’s Time To Change Your IT Provider

your guide to understanding why it may be time to change IT providers.


Exclusive details include:


 - Recurring Issues
 - Slow Response Times
 - Constant Up-selling
 - Forcing pre-payments
 - Lack of Transparency
 - Blaming and Finger Pointing
 - Lack of Flexibility
 - Lock In

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