Safety first. It’s an old adage that holds true whether you’re holding scissors, handling a hot pan, crossing a busy street or securing your digital devices. ZZ Servers Co-Founder and Managing Partner David M. Zendzian will offer tips on how to keep your information safe at tech SAVannah’s Refresh Savannah: Lightning Talk series in January.

Zendzian’s talk, titled “Watch your apps, logging and log monitoring with fail2ban,” will explore the use of fail2ban, an intrusion prevention software that protects computer applications and servers against data breaches.

Fail2ban monitors log files for IP addresses that display suspicious signs such as multiple password failures or other unwanted actions within a certain time-frame. The software can block select IP addresses, update firewall rules, reconfigure application white-lists and send email, slack and SMS notifications.

“It’s not enough to just monitor your logs for a threat to your data,” Zendzian says. “You have to be able to take action quickly when that threat arrives. That’s why an intrusion protection software is essential to your cybersecurity arsenal.”

Zendzian will make his presentation at the Refresh Savannah: Lightning Talk at 6 p.m. on Jan. 19, 2017 at Oak Works, 2424 De Soto Ave., Savannah, Ga.

About ZZ Servers:

With more than 25 years in the security and systems industry, David M. Zendzian founded ZZ Servers in 2006 with his brother, Peter, a 20-year retired U.S. Navy Chief, to leverage the latest technologies and bring enterprise class hosting and compliance solutions to all levels of business. ZZ Servers helps companies of all sizes do IT securely – from desktop to data center – by designing, building, managing and maintaining secure information technology environments for organizations that handle credit cards, healthcare records, financial or business critical information. For more information about ZZ Servers visit www.zzservers.com.

About Refresh Savannah: Lightning Talks:

A monthly meeting aimed at connecting developers, designers and entrepreneurs, Refresh Savannah: Lightning Talks offers quick-hit discussions with 10-minute talks about anything and everything tech related.





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