Trends in Cybersecurity 2016

Setting New Year’s Resolutions is great, but when it comes to cybersecurity, you can’t set new goals once a year. Why? Because new threats pop up seemingly every day, regulations get updated and new trends emerge. As the days tick by and we officially begin summer, business owners and Chief Information Officers at companies around …

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Understanding the human factor in cybersecurity

The Titanic was “unsinkable,” they said. No one envisioned the collapse of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center. Yet, both structures had been built with exact precision, every detail meticulously planned. What left these behemoths with vulnerable weak points? Humans. What does this have to do with cybersecurity? A lot, actually. We talk …

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Why it matters where you host your website

Websites are an integral part of running a business today. Having a reliable, user-friendly site is critical for attracting and serving customers. There are infinite ways to build, host and maintain a website. So does it matter where you host your business’ website? As with anything in business, location is everything and it matters in web …

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Batteries.com Credit Card Data Stolen

Yet another data breach involving theft of credit card data has been announced. On March 13th, Batteries.com received notice from a customer about potential unauthorized activity on their credit card. They later discovered the Batteries.com network had been breached from around February 25, 2009 to April 9, 2009. The breach involved theft of names, addresses, and …

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Credit Card Data Stolen and Distributed in a Dilebarate Attack

In an ongoing saga, one of the most popular web hosting message boards www.webhostingtalk.com has been dealt another serious blow to it’s security.  Late last month, Webhostingtalk was hacked in a deliberate, sophisticated and calculated manner. The attacker was able to circumvent their security measures and access via a backdoor protected by a firewall to deleted all …

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8 Reasons It’s Time To Change Your IT Provider

your guide to understanding why it may be time to change IT providers.


Exclusive details include:


 - Recurring Issues
 - Slow Response Times
 - Constant Up-selling
 - Forcing pre-payments
 - Lack of Transparency
 - Blaming and Finger Pointing
 - Lack of Flexibility
 - Lock In

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